School 2022


The 7th “Zhi-Hong” International Summer School came to a successful conclusion


Opening Ceremony

On the evening of July 4, 2022, the opening ceremony of the 7th Zhi-Hong International Summer School of Advanced Materials (Zhi-Hong ISS-AM) was held online by the School of Material Science and Engineering (SMSE), Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). The theme of the 7th Zhi-Hong ISS is “Advanced Functional Materials”. The ISS-AM is named “Zhi-Hong” not only to commemorate the school founder, Professor Zhihong Zhou, but also to inspire the summer school participants to “Zhi-Hong” (“be ambitious” in Chinese).

Prof. Baode Sun (Dean of SJTU-SMSE), Prof. Jinhua Cheng (Vice Dean of SJTU Graduate School), Prof. Ke Chen (Deputy Director of International Affairs Division of SJTU), Prof. Tao Deng (Vice Dean of SJTU-SMSE), Prof. Peng Zhang (Assistant Dean of SMSE), Qian Wang (Director of International Office of SJTU Graduate School), Prof. Chun-chao Chen (lecturer representative of Zhi-Hong ISS), and other staff for Zhi-Hong ISS attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was hosted by Dr. Jing Liu from SJTU-SMSE.


Chunchao CHENShanghai Jiao Tong University, ChinaRecent Progress in Organic and Perovskite Solar Cells
Kamar REDAHarvard University, USAMicrofluidics and their Applications in Diagnostics
Hongjing DOUShanghai Jiao Tong University, ChinaAdvanced Bio-Functional Materials
Yip-Wah CHUNGNorthwestern University, USASynthesis of thin films; Magnetic materials and applications
Tao DENGShanghai Jiao Tong University, ChinaBioinspired Thermal Materials
Jiantong LIKTH-Royal Institute of Technology, SwedenInkjet Printing of 2D Materials for Electronics and Energy Applications
Andrew WHEATLEYUniversity of Cambridge, UKManipulating growth in nanoparticles and composites; new avenues for the energy, sensing and environmental sectors
Tianquan LINShanghai Jiao Tong University, ChinaAdvanced Materials for Electrochemical Capacitors
Bingqin YUShanghai Jiao Tong University, ChinaOriginality: The mutual influence of Chinese traditional landscape architecture and world culture

These amazing lectures promote the academic and interactive cultural exchange between the outstanding scholars and students from all over the world.

Special Programs

Special programs were planned and presented by students themselves before or after the lectures. All the students enjoyed these special programs including interesting games and some live shows. They got not only the fun, but also the close relationship between themselves through these special programs.

Cultural Festival

The evening of July 10, 2022 was cultural festival. Wonderful programs were presented and cultural exchange between Chinese and international students was promoted. As a platform for world cultures dialogue between the various civilizations, the festival has enabled the students to get to know each other better and to make unforgettable memories.

Poster Shows and Group Presentation

Each student was required to submit his/her unique poster. The achievement reporting of each group was required to be presented on the evening of July 15, 2022. Then the academic committee commented and vote.

Student MD Sohel Rana from Bangladesh and Chinese student Yile Fan won the most popular Poster Award; MD Sohel Rana and Chinese student Rui Chen won the best Poster Award. Group 4、Group 1、Group 8 won the first、second、third-prize of Excellent Group Presentation.

Closing Ceremony

After the wonderful achievement reporting, the closing ceremony of the 7th “Zhi-Hong” International Summer School officially was held. The meeting was hosted by Dr. Jing Liu (SMSE, SJTU). Professor Lizhen Sun (Chair of SMSE), Associate Professor Ke Chen (Deputy Director of International Affairs Division of SJTU) and academic committee members were invited to attend the closing ceremony. They all congratulated on the successful holding of the “Zhi-Hong” Advanced Materials International Summer School, and hoped that students would continue to communicate with each other in the future and contribute to the development of science and technology.

The two-week time is like a fleeting gap, but the students are full of harvest: They learned the knowledge of materials science through the lectures from the top-level scholars. They also showed themselves and made friends in cultural festivals and special programs. “Zhi-Hong” Summer School provided a platform for cultural and academic exchanges to each student. After the summer school, students from all over the world will move towards the future with harvest and confidence, and have their wonderful life.