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2-Ruijie Zhu

3-Zhenyang Gao

4-Muzafarova Svetlana




Abstract:The DNN for formation energy prediction of oxide perovskites achieves decent performance when transferred to Non-oxide perovskites.The formation energy of inorganic crystals serves as an important metric in the determination of crystal stability.   To speed up the exploration process, one solution is to use transfer learning for stability prediction of different materials.

Abstract:This paper proposed an novel crack path engineering method through optical programming the printing file of the UV curable resin. A bio-inspired crack deflection zone is designed and achieved through the proposed method, where the fracture energy of the structure is significantly improved. A linear relation is derived between the fracture energy and the relative deflection position.

Abstract:The results obtained during the experiments allow to produce high-porous and high-density products for various purposes.  The particles structure of the original powder is layered-cellular with high internal porosity and a large number of adhesions, which is favorable for the powder molding process. 

5-Han Lei

6-Keneng Li

8-Wang Keqi




Abstract:Titanium foam with ultra-fine pore size below 10 μm has broad prospects in the field of filtration and separation. By anodic oxidation method, the uniform TiO2 nanotube arrays (TNTs) can be generated inside the three dimensional channel of the titanium foam, which is very promising in improving the ion selectivity of titanium foam. 

Abstract:Interest in particle-reinforced aluminum matrix composites has grown significantly over the past few decades due to their attractive mechanical properties such as light weight, high strength, high specific modulus, excellent wear resistance and high temperature resistance, especially because of their huge potential for weight reduction in the aerospace, aerospace and automotive fields. 

Abstract:The tool, the main elements of which are a shoulder or a support shoulder and a tip, a pin or a working rod, when rotating and under the action of an external axial force, is immersed in the joint between the fixed parts to be welded. After sufficient heating of the parts to be welded, the tool begins to move at a constant speed along the joint, forming a welded joint by mixing the workpiece material. 

9-Maria Zaitceva

10-Junjia Liu

11-Boning Shi




Abstract:The hardness in the weld area is significantly higher than in the base metal area. Based on the obtained results, it could be noted that with the same welding modes and the same distance of the thermocouples from the weld center, in the aluminum alloys , a similar behavior of temperature distribution is observed. 

Abstract:As a clean energy with abundant reserves, high energy conversion efficiency and strong renewability, hydrogen energy has broad development and application prospects. Based on the reversible hydrogen absorption and desorption of hydrogenchromic Mg-based films,  a hydrogen sensor with high efficiency and sensitivity can be designed. 

Abstract: To explore the modification by FeOOH/NiOOH co-catalyst, the photoanode with co-catalyst prepared by 5 mM FeCl3·6H2O and 1 mM NiSO4·6H2O has the best current density 0.91 mA cm-2 at 1.23 VRHE.With the modification by Ti4+ doping , the current density increases from 0.62 mA cm-2 to 1.03 mA cm-2. The mechanism has been illustrated by electric properties. 

12-Han Sun

13-Keran Wang

14-Beibit Zharylkass




Abstract:To explore the effect of Mg on the inclusions and machinability in a non-quenched and tempered steel, the industrial tests and machining experiments were carried out.  The inclusions with Mg treatment were more evenly distributed, improving the cuttinig performance. The more inclusions with Mg-Al spinel, the more inclusions with ellipsoidal shape.

Abstract:Actively participate in academic activities, strong innovation ability, good team work, have strong communication skills. Familiar with metallographic specimen preparation, such as sampling, setting, grinding, polishing, etching.

Abstract:To predict the thermally induced warpage of FDM printed multi-materialparts.The warpage effect is caused due to the non-uniform heating and coolingof deposited layers .Transient material properties should be accurately specified.Effect of radiation during 3D printing can be considered since it amounts to certain loss of heat.Verification procedures such as the sensitivity of selected material properties should be conducted.

15-Felipe Bernardo

16-Enchen Wu

18-Nourina Nasim




Abstract:The width of the blocks doesn t interfere in the resulting residence time for the same angle. The influence of the screw rotation speed decreases for higher values. Elements with 90 induce more initial and mean time and, by consequence, more mixing. Rheo-optical characterization of the polymer flow is a very sensitive analysis method, which leads to accurate observations. 

Abstract:Proficient in SEM, EDS, TEM, hardness tester, electrochemical workstation and other laboratory skills. The research background and topic is the electrochemical preparation, structure and properties of minimum-size nano-structured metals and immiscible alloys.

Abstract:lsonicotinates with the least lipophilicity demonstrate exceptionally high anti-inflammatory/ROS inhibitory activities among the series.The obtained data of the anti-inflammatory activity indicate that compound 5 is a valuable candidate for further studies.

19-Guanzhi Wu

20-Jieru Yu

21-Husena Aamra




Abstract:The specimens fractured in the 9Cr-HAZ under low stresses with brittle rupture morphology. Meanwhile, the microstructure of the 9Cr-HAZ is tempered martensite with numerous second phase particles mainly distribute along the grain boundaries. .The formation and coarsening of the second phase particles in the 9Cr-HAZs can initiate the formation of the micro-voids.

Abstract:Al plate has obvious marks showing rolling direction, while Mg plate has indiscernible marks. Large grains exist in Al plate, while Mg has smaller grains. Mg plate has more recrystallized grains Uncalibrated phase occurs, Intermetallic Compound Layer (IMCL) forms due to the newly extruded metal flow forming metallurgic binding. 

Abstract:Solid-phase synthesis of 10 benzimidazole-conjugated peptides was completed and structures of conjugates were elucidated by mass and NMR studies. Two benzimidazole-conjugated peptides were found active against Salmonella typhimurium UMR1 strain, while benzimidazole molecule was found to beinactive. Benzimidazole conjugate containing three Arg residues, was identified as the most active compound. 

22- Sijian Zhao

23-Min Zhou

24-Zichao Jiang




Abstract:In this experiment, laser cladding technology was used to modify the surface of titanium alloy, and Nb and Si elements were added into the powder system to improve the high temperature oxidation performance of the alloy. In another study, he used NH- Π interaction to disperse the graphene.The preparation and thermal conductivity of graphene composites based on interface control were also studied.

Abstract:The preparation and electrochemical performance analysis of bismuth carbon composite cathode materials for rechargeable magnesium batteries have been performed. The results show that the bismuth carbon composites with the same carbon source are greatly affected by the calcination temperature, and the mass specific capacity of the sample calcined at 500 ℃ is greater than that of the sample calcined at 600 ℃.

Abstract:Zichao Jiang is interested in scientific research in the field of materials. In the future, he hopes to have more in-depth research in this field. He has certain experimental and analytical ability, literature retrieval ability and so on. He loves Chinese culture and sports.

25-Munisaa Younus

26-Zhengye Zhang

27-Baojing Feng




Abstract:In this study, MTZ derivative library was prepared by carbamoylation and addition reaction. The synthesized MTZ derivatives showed strong potent α-glycosidase inhibitory activity. NUSINAA showed us the synthesis process and structure-activity relationship of MTZ derivatives.

Abstract:The effect of HIP temperature on the microstructure and high temperature mechanical properties of K439B alloy was studied. The experimental results show that the micro sparsity in the alloy is closed by HIP treatment. With the increase of HIP temperature, the morphology of the alloy becomes more regular.In addition, the finite element model was established by ProCAST software, and the VAR process of GH4742 alloy was studied.

Abstract:The effect of the second phase of as cast WE43 alloy on micro galvanic corrosion in NaCl and NaSO4 solutions was studied. The second phase of as cast WE43 acts as a micro anode in the micro galvanic corrosion of NaSO4, which is different from that in NaCl solution. Moreover, the second phase of as cast WE43 has no protective film in NaSO4, which leads to serious corrosion and the corrosion rate is much higher than that of NaCl solution.

28-Baoxue Zhuo

30-Jiacheng Xiong

31-Fadunmade Olumide Ezekiel




Abstract:Twinning behavior of pure titanium during rolling at room and cryogenic temperatures was investigated by electron backscattered diffraction (EBSD) method. More intensive twin activation occurred and more twin lamellae developed during cryogenic temperature rolling (CTR) than room temperature rolling (RTR), resulting in higher hardness of CTR samples. The activation of twin favored by CTR is due to the presence of a larger number of potential nucleation sites at the grain boundaries.

Abstract:Microwave-assisted liquid phase synthesis of zinc vanadate cathode materials, research shows that microwave can promote the formation of (NH4)(V3O8) phase, and due to the high energy density of microwave, can refine the particles, improve the morphology and spatial structure of the material.The electrochemical kinetics of zinc vanadate is studied by cyclic voltammetry test. The results show that the capacity of zinc vanadate is contributed by both the diffusion-controlled cell mechanism and the nondiffusion-controlled pseudocapacitance mechanism.

Abstract:The effects of compost (sawdust and cow dung) and nano gel water storage on the growth and mineral content of apical vegetable were discussed. Experiments show that nano gel water storage agent can improve soil nutrients and increase crop yields.

32-Hao Yin

35-Jiahuan He

36-Sabina Shamarova




Abstract:CCF / SMPU composite fabric was prepared by using the core-shell structure of carbon fiber reinforced shape memory polyurethane composite yarn. The fabric has good mechanical properties and conductive shape memory function. The shape recovery speed can be adjusted by changing the temperature and voltage.

Abstract:PDMS / BaTiO3 / ATO composite piezoelectric fiber membrane with 12% ATO content was prepared by electrospinning technology, and the piezoelectric generator was prepared with the fiber membrane. Under the action of 5kpa, the output voltage of the generator can reach 16.8v.

Abstract:Sabina sharova loves chemistry very much and wants to do research on materials in the future. She is also a member of American Institution of Chemical Engineer and has organized many scientific research related activities. She recently won the first prize in a business case championsip.

37-Yue Xu

38-Aiisha Nurmanova

39-Zishuo Song




Abstract: The etched basalt sheet was modified by silane coupling agent KH570. The results showed that the corrosion resistance of the coating was improved after modification.

Abstract:Nurmanova Aiisha has won many awards for her scientific research on extracting silicon dioxide from the husk of rice.

Abstract:In this experiment, SOF is used to evaluate the sliding operation priority of each grain in titanium. The experiment shows that the plastic deformation of pure titanium is not only affected by the Schmidt factor of single grain, but also affected by the deformation ability of adjacent grains.