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1-Akshay Srivastava

4-Mushnikov Igor Nationality: Indian Abstract: Akshay Srivastava works on the field of solid state joining of light metal alloys such as AA2219 and AA7075. As for Friction Stir Welding(FSW), he indicate the influence of rotational speed and feeds on the hardness and strength of AA 2219. Nationality: Chinese

Abstract: By adding h-BN in different volume ratios to 7075 aluminum alloy powder, ball milling, SPS and hot extrusion, the strength of the alloy is greatly improved, and it is found that BN will promote the precipitation of alloy elements in the grain, pinning dislocations. And Now Liu is dedicated to the preparation and characterization of functional thin film materials.

Generic Alprazolam Online Nationality: Russian Abstract: Finite element simulations by ANSYS were carried out to study the geometric distortion during 3D printing, in which distribution of equivalent stress was obtained and distortions in the geometry were revealed. 5-Peizuo Jiang

Nationality: Chinese

Abstract: By combining electrochemical induction annealing, carrier passivation and electrochemical nitriding, the stainless steel was fabricated close to the normal temperatures with improved nitriding effects and better corrosion resistance. 6-Qiyu Zeng

Buying Xanax In Buenos Aires Nationality: Chinese

Abstract: Density Functional Theory (DFT) simulations were carried out to investigate the phase transition behaviors of 2D Zinc-blende materials under external stresses. Molecular Dynamics simulations (MD) were adopted to study the shock response and dislocation evolution of HEA. 7-Chu Chen Nationality: Chinese

Abstract: Shot peening was applied to improve the fretting wear properties of titanium alloy by forming a deformation strengthening layer near the surface. Microhardness and wear resistance of the alloy increased, while the surface roughness raised. Nationality: Chinese Abstract: The flow state of the liquid film on the surface was studied by numerical simulations, where changes of film thickness distribution and surface renewal of the liquid film were investigated. In another research, optimal conditions for lithium carbonate crystallization under alkaline system were determined.The flow state of the liquid film on the surface was studied by numerical simulations, where changes of film thickness distribution and surface renewal of the liquid film were investigated. In another research, optimal conditions for lithium carbonate crystallization under alkaline system were determined.

Nationality:  Russian

Abstract: High-throughput density functional theory simulations combined with machine learning are carried out to discover new materials with better performances. Different influencing factors of elastic moduli were investigated by high-throughput computations and machine learning, in which volume per atom was found to have great influence on elastic moduli.

Buy Alprazolam In Uk Nationality: Chinese Abstract: Atomic-scale simulations including Density Functional Theory (DFT) and Molecular Dynamics simulations (MD) were carried out to investigate the interfacial behaviors of ceramic-metal interfaces, in which the interfacial structures, interfacial stability, mechanical behaviors, strengthening mechanisms and failure mechanism of ceramic-metal interfaces were revealed.

13-Feifei Li 15-Thais Mota de Oliveira

Alprazolam Uk Buy 16-Rean Toniazzo

Nationality: Chinese

Abstract: The fourth electronic components were introduced to simulation synaptic functions to realize bionic neural morphology calculation to improve the computational power of computers. Materials of memristor and simulation of synapse were introduced.

Nationality: Brazilian Abstract: This project used finite element method and new refractory technologies to identify scenarios of thermal and energy optimization of steel ladle on foundry. Nationality: Brazilian Abstract: Suspensions with cellulose nanofibers will be prepared first and go through deposition process or vacuum filtration, followed by drying on a hot press to produce filter. Tune variables such as cellulose type, suspension concentration, and processing parameters to enable filters to retain particles around the size of viruses, which could favor the production of facemasks. 18-Mariia Kobyliatskaia

20-Ningning Dan

Alprazolam 2Mg Online Nationality: Chinese Abstract: Specific capacitance and rate capability of battery type electrode materials are improved by several methods, suh as controlling of particle size, material composition and increasing conductivity. Moreover, high-concentrate aqueous electrolyte can not only avoid the unsafety of nonanqueous electrolyte but also refrain from the disadvantage with narrow working windows of conventional aqueous electrolyte.

Nationality: Russian

Abstract: Graphite powder and SBR are used to produce a flexible and conductive biosensor film under a particular composite production technology, and finding the optimal quantity of carbon powder. Nationality: Chinese

Abstract: DFT calculations were carried out to help design high corrosion resistant Mg-Sc-Y alloys. The keys are lowering the potential difference between the cathodes and anodes, reducing the microgalvanic couples and increasing the surface completeness.

21-Feifei Xie

Nationality: Chinese

Get Xanax Script Online Abstract: Template method can be used to fabricate materials with complex structure and improved properties as natural materials. Inspired by photosynthesis, lamellar photocatalysts TiO2/g-C3N4 nanocomposites were produced by replicating the microstructure of green leaves after impregnation-calcination process, which enhances the photosynthetic efficiency and reduce cost for production.

Nationality: Brazilian Abstract: ZnO immobilized pellets were satisfactorily prepared, showing great potential in degrading Rhodamine B. The reuse of pellets is possible due to the increasing degradation percentage of Rhodamine B with increasing number of cycles. Nationality: Chinese

Abstract: Making use of the mechanism properties during phase transition of shape-memory alloys to produce a generator that convert heat into electron energy, producing strong SMA wire and using DSC and stress-strain to calculate the energy convection efficiency. 26-Muhammad Gulraiz Tanvir

28-Zhuoyang Liu

Nationality: Chinese

Abstract: Functionalization of polymer surface has been done in order to enhance the adhesion strength between polymer and metal layer. This technique has potential application in TSV (Through Silicon Via) technology.

Nationality: Pakistani

Abstract: The effect of quenching on microstructure and mechanical properties of Ni61.6-Cr22-W14-Mo2-Al0.3-C0.10 was studied. With increasing quenching temperature, different crystalline microstructures were developed, where gamma prime phase accounts for the increased hardness.

Nationality: Chinese

Abstract: By using LAMMPS for simulation and Ovito for visualization, the model of metallic glasses and the model of heterogeneity were built to analysis their stress and strain characters through the structure characterization, which indicates the content of heterogeneous structure and the sphere diameter play great roles in shear deformation.

29-Lucas Leal d’Azevedo Lemos

30-Xuebin Zhuo

31-Jingjing Wang

Nationality: Brazilian

Abstract: Ti-MO, Ti-Nb and Ti-Nb-Zr alloys thin films were coated in stainless steel by Magnetron Co-Sputtering, aiming to obtain medical implant materials with biocompatibility, lightweight, corrosion resistance, low modulus of elasticity and non-toxic. The diameters of sputtering were discussed which influence the properties of the films a lot.

Nationality: Chinese

Abstract: The wear resistance and corrosion resistance of medical implanted titanium alloys are very important and the manufacturing cost of Ti alloys is high. Using powder metallurgy can obtain plagiarized grains to improve their wear resistance and corrosion resistance, while reducing costs.

Nationality: Chinese

Abstract: In situ grown SiCNFs as interphases for Cf/Si3N4 composite were investigated to reduce the thermal incompatibility between Cf and Si3N4 by improving the interface bonding between carbon fiber and silicon nitride matrix.

32-Mingdi Yu

33-Xiaoyu Shi

34-Thiago de Assis Augusto

Nationality: Chinese

Abstract: Based on the first-principle, PBE method in GGA and CASTEP module in Material Studio software are adopted to study the adsorption/migration and diffusion behavior of different sodium graphite. The results show that Sodium tends to embed itself into graphite rather than stay on the surface, and the order of Sodium diffusion in graphite is crystal boundary>crystal plane>lattice.

Nationality: Chinese

Abstract: By summarizing the theory and application of solid-state phase transition, the animation of the transition process of undercooled austenite was designed. These include pro-eutectoid ferrite, pearlite, bainite and martensite. At the same time, Flash animation of pearlite nucleation-growth and upper bainite formation process was made.

Nationality: Brazilian

Abstract: Process parameters have significant influence on the polymer properties. In this research, the effect of injection modeling conditions on the properties of polyamide 6 and polyamide 6/nanocalcium carbonate composites were studied in detail.

35-Bingbing Chen

36-Qi Chen

37-Elizaveta Bobrynina

Nationality: Chinese

Abstract: The combination of Fe/N-codoped carbon-based nanospheres (0 dimension) and graphene (2 dimension) are desirable for improving microwave absorption properties. Herein, hollow Fe3O4 nanoparticles were selected as a hard template; through oxidation polymerization and high temperature carbonization processes in inert atmosphere, the designed structure, Fe/N-codoped hollow carbonaceous nanospheres, was anchored on the surface of reduced graphene oxide.

Nationality: Chinese

Abstract: This research studies the effect of the antimony-doped tin oxide (ATO) on the transmittance of SiO2 antireflective film. With 10% to 20% ATO, the highest average transmittance of the double layer can reach to 93%, and peaking at 94.6%.

Nationality: Russian

Abstract: Spray drying method and hot procedure were employed to prepare the novel copper-fullerene scoot composites with homogeneous distribution of carbon. The properties of these fabricated composites are studied in detail in this research.

38-Zarema Balgabekova

39-Qiwen Zhang

41-Chenchen Xiong

Nationality: Kazakhstan

Abstract: Robotics is an interdisciplinary sector of science and engineering dedicated to the design, construction and use of mechanical robots. Zarema aims to pursue a graduate degree in biomedical engineering and help the disabled with their protheses.

Nationality: Chinese

Abstract: Epitaxial Pt monolayer was deposited on the surface of nanoporous Au (NPG ) films with different ligament sizes via copper underpotential deposition and galvanic replacement reaction. All the NPG−Pt electrocatalysts show great improvement in specific and mass activities compared with the commercial Pt/C catalyst.

Nationality: Chinese

Abstract: Using SEM to study reinforcement NbSe2 through morphology, and researching the defects, charges and strength of orbital interactions.

42-Jingyu Yang

43-Muhammad Arif

44-Isabela Dainezi

Nationality: Chinese

Abstract: Finite element simulation was carried out to study the effects of porosity, pore size, plate thickness on the bending behavior of aluminum foam sandwich. Crystal plasticity and Voronoi tessellation were combined to construct structural model of metal matrix composite reinforced, studying microstructure evolution and behavior of interfacial zone.

Nationality:  Pakistani

Abstract: Soft magnetic thin films are employed in many frequency applications. This research utilized AFM, VSM and FMR to characterize the thin film prepared by oblique angle deposition technique.

Nationality: Brazilian

Abstract: Solubilization results in a microstructure with volumetric fractions of ferrite and austenite adjusted without precipitation of intermetallic phases. Using solubilization through DSS A, DSS B and common type as comparation, and characterize compositions, micrographs, volume fractions, spectra and potential through SEM, XRD and electronic methods.

45-Junnan Jiang

47-Irina Molodtsova

48-Ibrahim Reda Ibrahim Youssef Awad

Nationality: Chinese

Abstract: A large amount of lithium ion impurities is produces in the production of alumina, and H2TiO3 lithium ion screen is used to remove them. Its structure, efficiency and influence factors are investigated, including the absorption time and amount.

Nationality: Russian

Abstract: Building up a measurement model based on thermal radiation to determine temperature through current. Ratio’s temperature dependency allows to choose better photodiodes options to measure certain temperature.

Nationality: Egyptian

Abstract: Advanced high strength steels (AHSSs) have competitive properties in automotive industry. Studying the similar and dissimilar weldments from microstructures and mechanical properties, as well as the influence in HAZ and FZ. Also researching the segregation behavior of Mn and C in FZ.

50-Luyao Cheng

Nationality: Chinese

Abstract: Studying the high temperature seawater corrosion behavior of steel for marine pipe through immersion and electrochemical corrosion experiment by detection the morphology and current changing with time, relating to plastic deformation and defect interactions.